My Daily Routine

9.35am – Circle Time and Registration, a chance to discuss any interesting news the children have, any activities we will be doing that day, and an opportunity to show and tell. We will also discuss the weather, seasons, days of the week and months of the year.

9.45am – Play time, the children have free time to play. The hall is set out in the areas of learning as set out by the Foundation Phase as part of the National Curriculum. Whilst the children have the opportunity to learn, play and experiment as they choose there is always a variety of focused tasks available as well, incorporating our lovely outside space.

11.00am – Tidy up, the children are encouraged to help tidy things away, put things back in boxes etc.

11.15am – Story time, the children will sit on the mat for story time.

11.25am – Hand washing, all children will sing our hand washing song and wash hands before sitting down for snack.

11.30am – Snack time, children sit at tables and eat their snack. We have been awarded a Gold Healthy Snack Award, which means we only provide snacks that are healthy and nutritious, with water or milk to drink.

11.45am – Song time, the children will sing some of their favourite Welsh songs.

11.55am – Coats on.

12.00pm- Home time!