Welcome to Cylch Meithrin Yr Eglwys Newydd

Welcome to our Cylch Meithrin (Nursery Group).  It is for children of two years of age and over.  Through play we aim to ensure that they:

  • learn and listen
  • develop social skills
  • experiment and be creative
  • develop co-ordination.

All this is done through the medium of Welsh.  The Cylch is run by a committee of parents, who organise the day to day running of the Cylch and arrange/support fund raising to supplement the income from fees and grants.  It is essential that all parents are involved as without their participation the Cylch could not operate.

It’s all in Welsh

Welsh is the language of the Cylch Meithrin.  Don’t worry if your child doesn’t understand any Welsh at all. He/she will soon understand almost everything, although it’s usually longer before they start to speak Welsh.

Staff and contacts

Cylch Meithrin        07474651141 during Cylch open hours

Email                     committeecylchyreglwysnewydd@gmail.com

Facebook               Cylch Meithrin Yr Eglwys Newydd 2016/2017 (closed group for current parents, lots of useful information and photos)

Leaders                 Clare Loveluck/Natasha Young

Staff have relevant childcare experience and/or are studying for qualifications, in accordance with the requirements of the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales.

Attending the Cylch

Our Cylch runs from 9.30am-12pm for morning sessions and 12.45 – 3.00pm afternoon session.  Most of the children start with a couple of sessions a week, increasing during their time with us.  If you are eager for your child to be allocated more mornings, please contact the leaders or a committee member.

We are unable to accept your child before 9.30am (or 12.45pm for the afternoon sessions) as we are not covered by our insurance and would appreciate prompt arrival. However, in extreme weather conditions we will be able to accommodate you in the foyer, although there is no room for pushchairs unfortunately. Also, it is very important that the staff know who will be collecting each child and should be informed of any changes.

Session times and Prices

Morning 9.30am – 12.00pm (£11.50 per session)

Afternoon Session 12.45pm-3.00pm (£11.50 per session)

Breakfast Club available from 9.00am-9.30am (£5.00 pay as you go on the day)

Lunch club available from 12.00pm-12.30pm (£5.00 pay as you go on the day)

Breakfast and lunch clubs

There will be a breakfast club available each morning from 9.00am at a cost of £5.00, no need to book. There is also a lunch club available form midday to 12.30pm again, no need to book. For more information please contact cylch.


The children are taught by following a new theme every half term.  The staff will ensure that all activities follow the 7 desirable outcomes of the Foundation phase

  • Language, literacy and communication
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Personal, social and well-being development
  • Physical development
  • Creative development
  • Welsh language development


The children learn to sit quietly for short periods, such as registration, snack time and storytelling.  There are a range of activities including, drawing, painting, colouring, gluing, jigsaws, role-play, singing and movement and dressing up.

During their time at Cylch, children will learn to recognise basic shapes, know their colours and depending on age, understand numbers 1 to 10 and recognise their own printed name.

Settling your child

In the weeks leading up to your child starting at Cylch, talk to your child about the Cylch – What will he/she do there? What type of toys will be there?  Who will he/she meet? To begin with your child may prefer you to stay with him/her for a short while, but try to ease yourself away sooner rather than later.  There may be tears, but they are usually short lived.  We will contact you in the unlikely event of your child being very upset.  Some children do settle more quickly than others.  If there are difficulties in the beginning, don’t worry.  Your child will become used to you going away and returning reliably some time later.

Change of Circumstances

It is important to let the staff know of any change of circumstances at home which may affect your child.  Also, please inform staff of any change of address, telephone number or mobile phone number.


The children are always accompanied to the toilet and help given if necessary, and nappies are changed by the staff.  It is advised that children wear clothes that are easy for them to undo/pull up.  If accidents do occur, the child may bring a spare set of their own or there are spare clothes at Cylch. Please return clothes (washed) as soon as possible. 


We are very fortunate to have the use of the Scout Hall in Whitchurch to hold our Cylch Sessions. However we do not have any parking facilities on site.  If you are driving your child to Cylch it is very important that you find a space on the road and walk onto the property. The parking spaces on the site are owned by other organisations and are unfortunately not available for our use at any time.


We provide a healthy and varied snack and a drink during each session. We have been awarded the Gold Standard Healthy Eating award by the Welsh Government. If you child has a special dietary requirement due to an allergy etc…then we can accommodate this but we will require a letter from the child’s doctor along with your registration form.


If you know that your child has a contagious illness, please do not send your child to Cylch until fully recovered. If your child needs to take medication whilst at the Cylch please complete and sign the appropriate consent form available from the Leader. This has to be done on a daily basis.


Staff and children at the Cylch are proud to wear their Cylch t-shirts. You will be given 1 t-shirt on registration, further t-shirts can be purchased from Cylch. We would be grateful if you could ensure your child wears his/her t-shirt when they attend sessions.

Equal Opportunities

We are an equal opportunities group.  We accept all children regardless of ethnic background, culture, race or disability.

Religious Faith

The main Christian festivals are observed, and we celebrate living in a multi-cultural society by basing activities on appropriate festivals.

Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin (MYM)

The Cylch is registered with MYM, the National Association of Welsh Medium Playgroups.  All insurances are arranged for the Cylch by MYM.

Social Services

The Cylch is registered with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales and officials from the department visit on a regular basis to ensure that standards are maintained.  We are regularly inspected by Estyn and Cardiff’s Education Advisory Service to ensure all teaching aims are being met.

Cylch Rhagorol

We are very proud that our Cylch has been awarded the stamp of excellence “Cylch Rhagorol” by the MYM for our consistent track record of providing a high standard of learning for pre-school children.


All staff undergo a Health Questionnaire and in-depth Criminal Record Check before commencing their positions, and members of the Committee have to undergo a Criminal Record Check stating they have no convictions or have ever been questioned regarding offences against children.  These regulations are required by Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).


If you have any queries regarding the Cylch or your child’s development, the teaching staff will be happy to help.  A record of each child’s development will be kept at the Cylch.  You are welcome to see it but apart from that it will remain confidential.

If you have any cause for concern, please discuss your concerns with the Leader, a senior staff member or Committee members.  If you feel that your concern has not been dealt with satisfactorily,

Please contact the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales at:-

Welsh Government office
Rhydycar Business Park
Merthyr Tydfil
CF48 1UZ

Or on 0300 7900 126