We are on the Co op community fund this year

We have been lucky enough to be placed on the Co op community fund this year. This works by Cylch receiving 1% of any purchases in co op or any of there associated services like funeral care. For us to receive this, this is what we’re asking you to do.

If you are a member already, please log on to your account and ‘back’ our community fund, it’s under education and skills.

If you are not a member, pop into your local co op and pick up a form and temporary card, then go to their website to register, then, as above, ‘back’ our community fund. It’s really quick and simple and a great way to raise funds with little effort. The scheme runs for 12 months. Thanks.

Estyn awards dinner 2018

So here we are winning an award for excellence from Estyn. As a non maintained, pack away setting, to achieve excellence is virtually impossible, so the fact that we achieved this is testament to the leaders, staff and committee’s dedication. When I looked around the room tonight and saw how few settings in Wales had achieved excellence, but that we were one of them, made me truly proud. Da iawn i pawb.

Estyn report 2018

Cylch’s recent Estyn report has been published. Estyn have advised us that such a glowing report is incredibly rare.

‘The setting provides very challenging and stimulating experiences that reflect the ethos of the foundation phase completely successfully. Learning experiences are lively and extremely interesting and stimulate children to learn productively.’

‘The setting’s ethos reflects a very welcoming, happy and inclusive environment…The familial atmosphere contributes extensively to the children’s desire and willingness to take part in all activities.’

‘The setting is a national example of how to provide an excellent learning environment’.

As a committee, we would like to say a huge congratulations and thank you to the leaders and staff whose skill and dedication have been praised.

Please have a read. http://www.estyn.gov.wales/provider/6819115